The meaning behind Mystic India’s Logo


The meaning behind Mystic India’s Logo.

In Buddhism, the Lotus Flower is symbolic of the purity of body, speech, and mind.  While rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom as if floating above the muddy waters which represent desire.

Representation of the Lotus Flower; the name Mystic India sits below the lotus flower in the murky waters, representing the work that goes on behind the scenes, building your tour putting all the components together. Making sure things run like clockwork when you travel on your tour in India, Bhutan, Nepal or Sri Lanka. Mystic India and my team in India works tirelessly to make sure your tour is as perfect as it can be, to meet your expectations and we hope to exceed them.

The C in Mystic and the I in India are shown as a heart, representation of the sacred flower’s roots, this represents my love for India and where my heart lies.

Inside Mystic India’s lotus flower logo are many images of Indian monuments and temples alongside its images of its people. These photos represent the various facets of my tours.

There are many various components that need to be bought together to make sure your tour becomes a tour of a lifetime, one to remember for years to come.

What I do and why I do it
I offer bespoke tours to India, designed especially for you based on your duration, style and budget. Choose one of 70 plus tours on the website or contact me to design a tour just for you. I will even price match where I can without reducing the quality of service before and during your tour. I don’t cut corners, I offer a quality service, a standard of service accumulated from over 35 years in the travel industry. 

Why do I do it?  I fell in love with India back in 2003, the moment I arrived I had a sense that I was at home. Well, India and its people make you feel so welcome, maybe that was part of it, but I did have that feeling that I had been here before.

In hindsight India was chasing me for many years until one day it was put in my path and from that point, I have not looked back.

India is a country I am passionate about, but I also specialise in bespoke tours to Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. These surrounding countries are similar but totally different from each other in many ways. Let me design a tour just for you, I promise it will be the most memorable holiday.

Contact me, Sharon Evans, either by phone 0207 931 8273 for a chat or via email

I look forward to being of assistance and helping you discover India – Bhutan – Nepal – Sri Lanka

Sharon Evans
Passionate Owner
Mystic India Ltd

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