Tours in Chhattisgarh

Tours in Chhattisgarh an incredibly remote region in India, a trip to this part of the country is not like anything else you’ve ever seen. Tourist infrastructure is non-existent, and public transportation very poor, but that has not stopped travelers from visiting Chattisgarh, the most densely forested state in the country, home to some of its most beautiful natural reserves and waterfalls.


With as many as three national parks and 11 wildlife sanctuaries located in the state, you would not be surprised to learn that the last few pockets of virgin forests in India can be found here. In other words, if you are searching for Amazon-like jungles, this is the place to be! Chattisgarh is also home to the Indian Niagara. Sure, the place does not even come close with the real one in Canada regarding popularity or development, but its rugged, untouched beauty is perhaps its biggest charm.

More importantly, the state is also home to 42 tribes famous for their beautiful culture, excellent bell metal handicrafts, beautiful terracotta statues and colorful markets, making it a dream come true for those in search of unique travel souvenirs. Irrespective of which direction you head in India, you are sure to be surprised by the magical scenes that the country has to offer.


Chhattisgarh Tribal Tour

14 days from £2714.00


India sometimes comes across as the magician's bag that springs out unique surprises one after the other. All the states in this colorful country have something special to offer and Chhattisgarh covered on this tour, is a classic exam

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