South India

Tours in South India. South India is a land of diverse cultures, made up of the six states of Goa, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The region is as varied in geography and climate as it is in culture and cuisines with historical landmarks and natural scenic places of beauty.


The sheer beauty of Kerala is sure to sweep you off your feet. The countryside is known for its stunning plantations and sleepy fishing villages while the cities are havens of culture, ancient oases of architecture and traditions. The vast coastline ensures the presence of mesmerizing beaches, from popular tourist hotspots to hidden gems that are perfect for sunbathing and relaxation. If you are in love with Indian cuisines, Kerala is perhaps the best place to enjoy those coconut flavors and spices. Each dish forces you to lick your fingers as you go, for where’s the taste without diving into Indian food with both hands!

South India sets itself apart with fascinating sights and unparalleled scenery to ensure that every experience in the region is immensely satisfying. Tea plantations join hands with vast national parks; spice groves set the foundation for the sleepy backwaters, ancient customs take you beyond hidden villages, Chinese fishing nets, and local architecture strewed along the way.

We often tend to stick to Kerala and Goa while visiting South India, but the region offers so much more. Karnataka delivers the romance of traditional India with its tiger reserves, stunning scenery, and ancient ruins. Mega-cities let you live the good life while jungles full of tigers, elephants and monkeys let you bring the concept of game drives to India. Hampi and its ancient architecture is another must-see destination for most visitors. Moreover, whatever you do, don’t miss out on those enchanting sunsets.



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