Group Tours, Special Interest & Festival Tours in India

Group Tours, Special Interest and Festival Tours in India (photography tours, cooking tours, golfing, festivals etc). As one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, India promises an incredible journey. The diversity found in its customs, traditions, cultures, landscapes, flora, fauna, dresses and festivals is mind-blowing. This results in a fascinating tapestry of music, art, dance, drama, religion, language, architecture and mythology, creating great scope for unique tours, exciting experiences that redefine the way you look at travel.


Special interest tours allow you to choose a specific experience which lets you understand its culture at greater depths. Learning something unique in a new land lets you expand your horizon and understanding on a particular subject. It allows you to spend your free time doing something unique and worthwhile, something that lets you replenish your mind and soul. A camel safari in Rajasthan, photography tours into the deep interiors, skiing white water rafting in the Ganges, golf tours in some of the most beautiful golf courses in the region, yoga classes in the Himalayan foothills, cookery lessons, history tours, trout fishing, trekking; the possibilities are endless.

We can arrange a holiday that includes things such as painting, cuisine appreciation or learn to cook Indian food, golf, bird watching, wines of India, fishing, cycling tours, adventure sports, skiing and even help if you have family history in India.

Do you know or are associated with a group that would be interested in travelling to India for example photography or painting, the vibrant colours in India will enthuse everyone. Speak to our specialists who can advise how to incorporate your particular interests.



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