Royal Palaces & Heritage Hotels

The ‘Heritage Hotel’ concept originated in Rajasthan but also appears all over India.  Many property owners who still inhabit their ancestral homes who could no longer afford to keep them up and, rather than let them go to ruin, they have decided to open their doors to the public by converting them into small and atmospheric hotels.  In this respect they are still able to live in their homes and yet receive enough income to keep them from collapse, thus preserving a part of the country’s heritage.


Rajasthan was once ruled by a number of rulers and this lead to the creation of all kinds of exotic castles, palaces, and forts. When India gained independence, feudal ownership of property and royal titles were abolished, and many of these stunning properties were converted into palace hotels. Today, these properties are your best bet of understanding what life was during the time of the rajas and maharajas and get to re-live the mysteries and romance of yesteryears.



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