Beach & Island Resorts

Beach and Island Resorts in India. A country offering one of the most diverse coastlines on the planet is sure to let you choose from the best: beautiful lagoons, rich marine life, hidden seaside escapes, palm fringed beaches and soft sands – it is all yours for the taking. Start your adventure in Goa, the most popular tropical getaway in the country. If you are interested in beach parties and nightlife, North Goa is the place to be. If hidden beaches, natural beauty and places of rejuvenation are what you are after, head over to South Goa, a region known for its heavenly resorts and coconut trees.


Further, south lies the beautiful Malabar Coast, a region that usually doesn’t get as many visitors, but still offers stunning beachside resorts and exotic beaches. The area is known to be the perfect place to unwind, with tranquil beaches and charming Ayurveda resorts keeping you company. The lovely islands of Lakshadweep and Andaman also lie within hopping distance. The rustic retreats found here are perfect places to get away from today’s hectic lifestyle.

Beach excursions are a great end to your great Indian journey, but a trip to the marine reserves of the Maldives is even better. The dream-like atmosphere, incredible resorts, and thrilling scuba diving excursions are sure to have you brimming with joy, providing the perfect end to the best adventure of your life.



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