Cultural Tours & Soft Adventure in India

Bespoke Tours in India, this may be a Cultural Tour or maybe a tour that includes some soft adventure. This fascinating country has so much on offer; it is impossible to experience everything in a lifetime. Considered to be one of the greatest cultural extravaganzas on the planet, India lets you immerse yourself in its customs and traditions, look at its complex beauty from the eyes of its locals and see first-hand why it is often called the greatest and most intoxicating travel experience on the planet.


India’s timeless traditions and colourful customs have stood the test of time, managed to adjust themselves to the changing world, clinging onto their glorious past, while firmly positioning themselves into the future. Its architectural legacies have their stories to tell, with treasures of yesteryears narrating stories of countless civilisations which played a role in creating the country’s artistic legacy. Music and dance, arts and crafts and the people are all parts of India’s cultural triangle, and these tours let you see and feel the magnificence of each, transforming you into a better human being.

For something new and unique, choose a soft adventure, an experience that lets you add a few thrilling moments into your cultural tours, without ever bringing you close to high-risk activities. Head over to the magical Himalayas for serene walks or choose one of the many tea estates to rediscover your love for tea. Enjoy the fresh pollution-free air and spend your evenings looking at starry skies. Those who love the outdoors and nature are sure to enjoy these moments which bring you closer to India’s scenery, without a pinch of effort or physical activity.



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