Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Tours, a tropical island just below the Indian peninsula enjoys a warm, pleasant climate. While the coastline is dotted with beaches, the interiors present lush green vegetation. Winter, summer, and monsoon present different faces of this jewel of an island that is also fast becoming the center for holistic spa treatments. The people and the culture change subtly as you move from one region to the other. From Kandy to Jaffna to Trincomalee to Galle, your tour can be a most delightful exploration of the land and its people: warm and sunny as the island.

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Sri Lanka promises a lovely holiday experience, if you love beaches, then you will love Galle in the South, Trincomalee in the East and Colombo in the West with quite a few in between. For a change head to the hinterlands where, in Kandy, Matale, and Nuwara Eliya you behold a breathtaking scenery of valleys, lush forests, streams and mountains interspersed with tea plantations.

For a bit of history visit Anuradhapura, Dambulla and Sigiriya give you a glimpse into the 2500 year history of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has a unique mix of Buddhist and Hindu Cultures, both going back thousands of years, infusing the people with both traditions which you will find a pleasant mix. Sri Lanka is also a lush tropical paradise that has an ancient tradition along the same lines as Ayurveda so, if you plan to have a spa holiday, Sri Lanka is where you will find opportunities to undergo holistic health treatments even as you enjoy trekking, sailing, snorkeling, and trekking or just giving your taste buds a tingle.


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