Wildlife Safaris, Walks & Trekking in India

Wildlife Safari, Walks and Trekking in India. Wildlife encounters are a must when visiting areas that inspired the Jungle Book. India is a paradise for wildlife and safari lovers, and it hosts some of the most luxurious camps and lodges of Asia. Its soul-stirring landscapes act as the perfect backdrop to watch those incredible wild animals, and the diverse terrain ensures the presence of a rich selection of flora and fauna. From popular escapes such as Gir, Ranthambore, Kanha and Corbett to romantic camps in Pench and Bandhavgarh, these hidden oases are among the best destinations to get back to the wild.


For an equally impressive adrenaline rush, head over to the foothills of the great Himalayas, an area of great beauty and incredible diversity. The landscape is dominated by the Majestic Mt. Everest and is full of glaciers, valleys, hills, remote villages and other mountain adventures. Bhutan offers the best trekking experiences, but you can also expect equally impressive experiences in India and Nepal.

For something less adventurous, we can lead you to some retreats that are located at a safe distance from chaotic city scenes for incredible walks and excursions past beautiful spice plantations or whip up a mini-adventure on the foothills of the Himalayas. Venture off on your journey, enjoying the smell of fresh air, rediscovering your love for the great outdoors, without having to exert yourself to tiring treks or gruelling safaris.



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