Combination Tours - India & Nepal

Combine the best of India and Nepal in a super comfortable journey that lets you enjoy the very best that these two countries have to offer. Both destinations are known for their rich history and stories dating back centuries; both present a sense of exotic fervour, and both manage to immerse you completely in their beauty, diversity, and soul-stirring landscapes.

India is a beautiful spectacle. A modern economy in an ancient land driven by a deep history, diverse cultures and contrasting scenes. The place has seen countless empires, dynasties and kingdoms and each has managed to influence the local culture, presenting a melting pot of architecture, music, food, sculpture and art. Religious movements have also flourished in the land, with Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam all finding a place here, and this also helped in defining the country’s rich art and culture. A trip to India is all about exploring this complex beauty, uncovering its historical gems and spending some time understanding the locals, exploring their way of life.

Nepal is more popular for its outstanding mountain beauty, this ancient mountain kingdom was closed off from the rest of the world for centuries, and this led to the creation of a unique culture, traditions that have since remained unchanged in the wake of modern civilisation. A trip to Nepal presents an intriguing opportunity for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts to enjoy thrills and frills in the form of jungle safaris, river rafting, and mountain treks. The country hosts 8 of the 10 highest mountains on the planet, and this alone speaks volumes of what to expect here!

In Buddha’s Footsteps

16 days from £2924.00


Buddha, who lived from during the 5th century, was born in what is now Nepal and traveled througho

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