Bhutan, Sri Lanka & Nepal Tours

Holidays to The Indian subcontinent, a land of culture and contrast, most of which remained an enigma for centuries. Chaotic yet charming scenes engulf most major cities while iconic structures, ancient palaces, and grand forts offer a look into a world that feels so unique, so different from your own. India dominates most tours into the region, but countries such as Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Nepal are also sure to offer equally enriching experiences. They will definitely leave you unnerved, but they also have a way of leaving you speechless.

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Nestled deep in the Himalayas, Bhutan is a landlocked country between Tibet and India. Considered to be one of the last untouched destinations on the planet, Bhutan introduces you to an ancient civilisation that has remained unaffected by technological progress. The treks are beautiful, and landscape is dramatic with snow-capped peaks dominating your view. This is perhaps the best place to discover your very own Shangri-La.

Nepal, the land of myth and mystery, is another mountain wonder that needs exploration. This stunning mountain kingdom is a haven for adventure lovers with its many rivers offering some of the greatest river-rafting experiences on the planet. You would also want to become a part of the Everest Base Camp tour to join an elite group of people, a few lucky ones who got a chance to see heaven on earth.

To the far south lies Sri Lanka, a smorgasbord of nature and culture. It’s spectacular ruins date all the way back to the 1st century BC and the rich heritage presents some of the greatest cultural experiences. The country also hosts the only elephant orphanage on the planet, and its vast jungles are teeming with birds and animals, many of which are only seen here. To end the perfect tour, head over to one of the many palm-fringed beaches or tea plantations for an excess in luxury, style, and pleasure.



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