Tours in Bihar & Bodhgaya

Buddhist tours India. The state was a cradle for Buddhism and Jainism, and as a result, century-old temples, monasteries, universities, and shrines can be found here. Bodhi Tree, the place where Buddha received his enlightenment and Nalanda University, the first residential university of the world, bare witness to centuries of knowledge and teachings. Bodhgaya, where Buddha gained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, a town dating back to the year 500 BC, is also located here.

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The ruins of Pataliputra narrate a story of an ancient civilization, showcasing just how advanced the country was back in ancient history. Pillared halls and wooden ramparts dating back to 400 BC portray India’s architectural achievements at a time when most places in the world barely understood the meaning of civilization. The hot springs of Vaibhava Hills let you bathe in skin-loving waters.

Legends say that Buddha, the father of Buddhism, and Mahavira, the father of Jainism, both bathed in these springs. Just standing in their footsteps, following their path, leaves you spellbound, bringing you closer to your spiritual being. A few kilometers away, Martyr’s Memorial wakes you from your trance, bringing you back to recent history, narrating India’s struggle for independence from the eyes of the locals.

A trip to Bihar is sure to be an eye-opener. The enthralling culture coupled with the state’s history make sure that you are left speechless, amazed and shocked, all at once. However, that is the beauty of any Indian adventure!


In Buddha’s Footsteps

16 days from £2924.00


Buddha, who lived from during the 5th century, was born in what is now Nepal and traveled throughout India bringing his teachings to all who would listen.  This journey brings you to many of the pl

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