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Mystic India is a small, passionate fully bonded India specialist tour operator with firsthand knowledge offering tailor-made tours to the Indian Subcontinent. 

If you’re looking for a smaller specialist company and not a large corporation, someone that can offer you a personalised service then look no further. ” To know the road ahead, is to ask someone coming back.” See some of my client’s feedback as a testimony to the service I offer. 


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I have spent 37 years in the travel industry, with many years focused on Bespoke Travel arrangements worldwide, for the past 16 years specialising in travel to India, Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. My most recent history before setting up Mystic India in 2009, was with W&O – Western & Oriental (now part of ITC) as the Manager of their India department, being solely responsible for product and sales for six years.  

During my years working with clients for their bespoke tours to India and her subcontinent countries, my passion, love and respect deepened. I began to see that there was an unsatisfied demand for a smaller more specialised company, where targets and profit margins are not the main criteria when designing a tour for a client or suggesting particular hotels more for the companies benefit over what is best for the individual client. I wanted to be to help people achieve the best trip possible, to exceed their expectations.

My dream was realised in 2009 when I set up my own company, Mystic India.

Mystic India is a company, yes, but it is an outlet to express my passion for India and South Asia. I believe in moving beyond the tourist circuits into the small villages, remote hill stations, unique locations that offer unique experiences. 

Welcome to the result of my years of experience, dedication, and love for these countries. As a result of my extensive research and first-hand knowledge, I can offer a range of unique journeys and tours. From the foothills of the Himalaya’s to the steamy coasts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, far North-East India to Sikkim, Darjeeling, Assam and beyond. There is so much to discover in India and her adjoining countries of Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan which is the last Shangri-La. 

All four countries are lovely to explore on their own but can be coupled with each other to form two powerhouse centres of culture, history, and spirituality in whichever combination you wish.

Unique in my ability to present new and exciting places for you to explore – even the most jaded Indophile will see India with fresh eyes on one of my tailor-made tours. The tours on the website are to give you ideas; you may like a journey just as it is, or make amendments, contact me to discuss your requirements. 

Mystic India, a true India Travel Specialist company, promoting Incredible India & Beyond.


WHY BOOK AN ARRANGED TOUR? – A safer way to travel, this is why

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In this day and age, yes you can book many tours directly yourself via the internet, hotels, a local driver, doing the sightseeing yourselves. Yes, it can work out a little cheaper, but and here is the big BUT, consider the following.

1: SAFETY is of prime importance and should be the main factor when travelling to a country that you have not been to before and even if you’re a returning traveller. When travelling with Mystic India;

  • You’re given a mobile phone to use while in India so you can stay in contact with our local office and person assigned to your file, 24 hours a day (others may have followed us with this offering, but we were the first)
  • Our drivers are professional and vetted 
  • Our cars are fully insured for the driver and passengers (be careful if booking locally, your travel insurance may be void the driver is not qualified or has adequate insurance)
  • Some hotels may look good on the internet but they are not always in the best location for safety. 

2: I save you time in researching yourself, that’s my job. Once I have designed your tour then you can research the wonderful locations and experiences will suggest for you. After 32 trips and counting, I know India very well, which is why I use the phrase ‘To know the road ahead is to ask someone coming back

I have been to the majority of locations featured in my tours. I have stayed in the majority of the hotels mentioned on this website. 

3: My years of experience and listening to your brief, together we will come up with the very best possible tour, even better than doing it yourself.

4: You are met at each major city to welcome you and ask any question you have about that destination. Our local office is there should you need them, night and day. If you have an emergency we get someone to you as soon as we can. 

5: It’s always best to take a certified government guide, this way you are sure to be told the correct information about a particular place of interest. The best guides get booked up first and we have a pool of very good guides. Best to book early so these guides can be booked for your sightseeing.

6: Having a guide also saves you having your head in a book and not taking in the actual place you have come to see, whilst also fending off so-called local guides, hawkers and the ‘can I have a photo with you every couple of steps. Of course, if you don’t mind this (I actually don’t mind, I quite enjoy it, makes me feel like a movie star)

7: Hotel booking websites beat the hotels down on the price, so yes you get it cheaper but in a lot of cases you get the worse rooms.

8: Booking with Mystic India, I can arrange subject to availability free room upgrades FREE of charge

9: Celebrating something special, birthday, anniversary. I will arrange something special during your trip.



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My philosophy is to provide you with what you require, however, complicated or obscure, to then exceed your expectations.

I travel to India regularly, about 30 trips so far and will be able to advise you in planning the ‘ultimate’ holiday. I focus on both the bespoke nature of your journey while then ensuring that your tour to India is made as easy, comfortable and as enjoyable as possible, with lots of surprises along the way.

I will plan a unique and creative itinerary for you. Contact me, Sharon Evans info@mysticindia.co.uk or ring me 0207 931 8273 or my mobile: 07823 777 948

My up to date knowledge ensures I always have something new to offer. I have cultivated a fantastic team on the ground in India and her Subcontinent countries who will make sure you tour exceeds your expectations, with some surprises along the way to delight and excite you. It is no good being promised the world when you book, and then find it is not delivered when you arrive! I will make sure that does not happen. Small and specialised is the best these days.

India does pull you back; she gets under your skin; I call it the Invisible Thread. I look forward to being of services for your return trip and like many of my clients who return to India again and again. Guest is God.

I hope that these pages will help you fall in love with India and her Subcontinent countries as much as I have and I can’t wait to hear from you. Sharon Evans Tel: 0207 931 8273 or Mb: 07823 777 948 or ping me an SMS or an email info@mysticinida.co.uk 



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The Indian Subcontinent has plenty to occupy the returning or inquisitive traveller – from tropical jungles, remote deserts, lost civilisations, gorgeous coastlines and magical Himalayan Kingdoms. The diversity of the region and the people bring many clients back year after year with a thirst to discover just that little bit more about this colourful and mysterious continent.

You can spend your time in urban centres or enjoy nature. While other destinations are limited by weather, with its varied topography and different climatic zones, the Indian Subcontinent is very much a destination for all seasons.

The emergence of some exceptional new hotels around the country will more than satisfy even the pickiest traveller. Although these properties are very much a draw in their own right, when combined with some of the country’s most beautiful forts, palaces, castles and ancestral homes, the result is a perfect holiday for anyone seeking a combination of adventure, culture, luxury and style.

As you explore this website, you will find an extensive range of hotels across the country, all with their unique atmosphere and character. As am India specialists, we feature the best establishments available even in the most remote location and endeavour to find hotels that combine high quality with an authentic soul.

Ring me to discuss personally designing a tour for you based on your style and duration. Sharon Evans Mobile +44 (0)7823 777 948



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No inoculations are compulsory but an immunization against malaria, typhoid, yellow fever, (if coming from an infected area) polio, meningitis, hepatitis and tetanus is recommended.  Please consult your doctor or travel clinic for up-to-date information on this.

You may like to read the following Gov.uk Foreign Travel advice for India https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/india/health



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Our prices are inclusive of all arrangements as described in each itinerary. Private car and driver for all road journeys (with snack hamper), private guide for sightseeing with entrances included. Breakfast each day. (Some locations are based on half board or full board as given in each itinerary).

Indian domestic flights and flights between the Subcontinent countries, trains and road travel are also included as described in each tour.

Prices vary throughout the year so for an accurate price for when you wish to travel, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We use luxury vehicles for all our tours, air conditioning in your vehicle is also included; some companies charge extra for this. 

The itineraries outlined on this website have been carefully thought out and aim to maximise your time spent in each place when you wish to see as much as you can in the time allotted. Our tours are designed to following a logical route and moving at a leisurely pace, some itineraries cover large areas, combining all the major sights and cities.

All our tours to India & Beyond are private tours (based on twin occupancy). They can also be used as a guideline for planning a similar holiday but with your own deviations or linked together to form a more extensive visit.

The guide prices of all our tours are given on each page. These prices are based on travel during the High Season; March is used as the guideline, apart from our Festival Tours which are based on travel at the time of that particular festival.

High Season in India tends to fall between October and mid-April (except in Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh when High Season is from June to September).



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You can be confident that when you book with the India specialists Mystic India, you will not only be getting the best advice and quality but that you will also be getting it at the best price.

Mystic India is so confident that we can offer you the best prices on the market that if you find something cheaper – we will be happy to try and beat the price. But do bear in mind all the extra you get when touring India with Mystic India that this more than covers any difference you may find elsewhere. All our clients are VIP’s and treated as just that. In India guest is God, you are our guest. 

Mystic India, India specialists have built some excellent relationships with suppliers including the world’s best airlines who fly to India like British Airways, Jet Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates Airlines or Qatar to name just a few. Our contracts with all hotels be that with large hotel chains like Taj Hotels, Oberoi Hotels, CGH Earth or smaller homestays and boutique hotels.  I have been dealing with them for many years and have nurtured these relationships so that I can offer you, my customer, the most competitively-priced holiday options available.

How it Works
Any holiday you would like us to price match, or even beat must include all handling charges. It must be available from another travel company based in the UK.

All aspects of the tour must be the same. You will need to advise us of the following

*Name of the company that has given you the quotation
*Flight details, airline, route, dates and class of service
*Hotel name and each room grade as included in your quotation
*Type of vehicle supplied for transfers and touring.



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Please contact me for updated information regarding Covid regulations travelling to India and whilst there. The below is a guideline and may change subject to when India & The Subcontinent opens again.

You will require a visa when entering India; this must be obtained before departure. When the e-visas were bought in a few years ago it took a long time to exit through immigration as there were fewer desks and they were just not used to this new system. We are now a number of years down the road and more e-visa desks are operational, around 32 at Delhi International airport and many seaports. It is a cheaper option and the process only takes 72 hours. If you’re not used to completing official forms online and not sure how to alter jpeg images to the right size or converting to a pdf, then I can help you with my other company Visa Handling Services Ltd. Contact detail are Tel: 07775744792 or email info@visahandlingservices.co.uk 

E-tourist Visa = 1-year multiple entries with stays of up to 365 days per visit are now just $40 per person. There is also a 30-day visa $25 for travel in high season between July-March or just $10 for travel in low season from April to June. The E-visa for 30 days is now valid from the date of arrival in India. The ETA expiry date is the last date you can enter India.

Regular Visa = This style of visa is present in your passport before travel. Valid for one year with multiple entries £126.oo per person. 

Some areas of India require a further permit, this will be discussed with you if applicable to your journey.

The visa to enter India be that the regular visa or the E-visa is valid from date of issue, not the date of arrival

More information is available on the Visa Handling Services website and  The High Commission of India

When travelling to Bhutan a visa to enter the country is organised as part of your travel arrangement. All foreign tourist must have prior travel arranged before they are allowed to get into the country. Part of your trip cost will include a private guide and driver with you throughout your tour. The starting price for a visit to Bhutan includes your guide and drivers cost and a daily tax which goes towards the countries responsibility to its citizens for their free schooling and free health care. As a guideline the daily charge starts from around $250 per person per day (International and domestic flights are not included in this daily rate) inclusive of the following;

Government Tariff: 03 Pax & above: US$ 250 per person per night

This includes : 
Sustainable development fees (earlier known as Royalty)
Accommodation in Govt Approved 3-star Standard hotels
All Meals, Tours, Transfers, Guide, Entrances and other logistics

Exclusions: which is not part of above US$ 250 and need to be added further:  
FIT Surcharges for travellers less than 3 Pax :
01 Pax: US$ 40 per person per night
02 Pax: US$ 30 per person per night

Bhutan Visa Fee: US$ 40

The above charges included in the $250 per person per day are based on 3-star accommodation. Higher grades of hotels are available in some cities at a supplement. If you would like more information on this, please speak to a member of staff.

You will require a visa to enter Nepal; this can be arranged on arrival or before travel. For visa before travel see the Embassy of Nepal

Sri Lanka
CURRENTLY, THE VISA IS FREE check with me before travelling in case this changes.

Foreign nationals wishing to travel to Sri Lanka are required to possess a valid passport of their country and a valid Sri Lanka ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) which is valid for stays of up to 30 days. Longer stays can have their ETA extended whilst in Sri Lanka but it would mean a visit to the official office in Colombo. If staying longer than 30 days then it is best to apply at the Sri Lankan High Commission in Hyde Park, London for a 90-day visa before travel. You can use ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) for tourism, recreation, sightseeing, casual visit to meet friends or relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visit. You can get your 30 days Sri Lanka ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) fast and simply without having to send your passport to the Sri Lanka Embassy. For more information see the Sri Lankan Immigration Website



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See more Testimonials – click here

Chrissie Westgate – Street Photographer – Mersea Island, Essex
Looking for a travel company that will ‘really accommodate a photographer’s needs is not easy. So many companies have set criteria and wanted you to fit into their itineraries’. Mystic India was different from the start. Everyone involved with this company seemed to understand our requirements. Our itinerary was tailor-made; we went to places that we had chosen, many off the beaten track. Our guides were just the best, they were patient, obliging and had an incredible local knowledge, and nothing was ever too much trouble. They even gave us mobile phones with pre-programmed numbers in and when we wanted to spend time in any one place, we just phoned the guide to come and get us when we were ready to move on. Our guide in Agra made sure we were the first people in the Taj Mahal to see the sunrise in order to get shots with no people – it was just breathtaking! What more can we say but our trip was ‘picture perfect’ we would certainly recommend Mystic India to others seeking a similar experience, and we are already planning our next trip.

Richard & Vas, Benfleet, Essex, UK
Sikkim has always been a destination we have dreamed of visiting. When I initially spoke with Sharon at Mystic India about my plans, I felt she had a deep connection with India, an understanding not only culturally, but a profound insight into its spirituality. This was what we longed to explore. Sharon reveres the Indian culture and puts together a tour for us which surpassed our expectations. We would unreservedly like to give our thanks and compliment her on her inspired choice of locations. I (Vas) am no stranger to Indian culture as this is part of my heritage but I was still unprepared for the wonderful experiences I enjoyed on this particular trip. Thanks to her, we had a trip of a lifetime!

Stuart & Gemma, Woking, Surrey, UK
Thank you for all you did in making our honeymoon the most unforgettable experience. We are both so grateful for all the hard work you put in, and we have been singing your praises to everyone we meet. You helped us really fall in love with India, and we both can’t wait to go back!!. Please pass our thanks onto your team in India who were fantastic as well. Look forward to working with you planning our next adventure.

Richard, Los Angeles, California
Our trip planned by you, Sharon, for myself and four friends ( two from California and two from Germany) was a terrific journey through India, focusing on our chosen areas in the lands of the Rajas, the Moghuls, the Tigers, the temples, the markets, the Ganges and the Indian People. We travelled for 25 days mostly in the comfort of our vehicle with our safe and knowledgeable driver and his assistant, and with three flights on good domestic airlines. We always felt safe (even walking on our own), and we were well looked after by greeters upon arrival at destinations and by our many guides. We particularly liked the heritage hotels and the tented camp at Nagaur, but the modern hotels certainly gave us a high level of comfort. All gave us a breather from the wonderfully hectic nature of Indian towns and cities. Each accommodation (bar one) had a different design or antique beauty. We certainly did not rough it (though the tents were really cold in the January nights). The organisation of the trip allowed us to enjoy the sights, sounds, colour, history, excitement, food and people of India. This was probably my 9th trip to India (the 1st for my friends), and I was sorry to depart India at the end of this fun trip. So, until next time.

Jan & Kevin, Crowborough, East Sussex, UK
On behalf of my husband, sister-in-law, her husband and myself. I want to say how much we enjoyed our ‘holiday of a lifetime’ in India. Thanks to Mystic India we had a fantastic and memorable time. It was like having 7 or 8-holiday experiences in one trip. There was so much I could describe but, most importantly we appreciated that all the organisation and administration of the holiday was taken care of. Even when there were unavoidable delays, e.g., flights and train, we always felt your team in India had everything in hand. The vehicle we travelled in was spacious and comfortable, while the driver, his assistant and the guide looked after our every need. The choice of hotels couldn’t have been better. Our trip to India was a wonderful experience. Thank you for the personal service we were given from the beginning, especially the care, consideration and concern you always showed about the planning and organisation of our holiday. I shall certainly recommend your company and feel I can speak on behalf of all of us in saying how much we enjoyed the whole experience. With kind wishes, Jan, Rosemary, Bernard & Kevin.


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