Tours in Sikkim

Tours in Sikkim. After visiting Mumbai or Delhi, or any other Indian city for that matter, Sikkim feels like the perfect place to rejuvenate. The air is cleaner in this small mountain state, the views fantastic, and the atmosphere incredibly peaceful. The fluttering prayer flags remind one of its neighboring countries of Tibet and Bhutan. Sikkim is the most beautiful state in India, and it surely ranks among one of the last few utopias on the planet.


Despite its small size, Sikkim is big on its attractions. From the rhododendrons and picturesque valleys to architectural beauties, from laid-back cities to ancient Buddhist monasteries, there is so much to see and experience. Moreover, irrespective of which part of the state you are in, the stunning Mt. Kanchenjunga always stays in view.

Sikkim has a strong presence of Buddhism, and its culture is sure to leave you with pleasant memories. Don’t forget to try out the local Chang, one of the highlights of the yummy Himalayan cuisine; a weird brew made using fermented millets. Throw in some grand hikes picture-perfect sceneries and interesting photo opportunities into the mix, and you have everything you need for the ultimate mountain adventure of your life.


Darjeeling and Sikkim Tour

19 days from £2989.00


Our North East Treasures tour happens to be one of those perfect tours if you are a pure rambler at heart. It takes you to some of the most heavenly landscapes on the eastern side of this subco

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