Soft Adventure Tours India

Adventure holiday packages in India. You do not have to bring out the daredevil in you every time you wish to embark on an adventure. The Indian subcontinent has more than enough adrenaline-pumping activities to keep you satisfied for a long time, but it also hosts incredible soft adventures, activities that manage to offer exhilarating experiences without asking you to take unnecessary risks.


Soft adventure tours are the kind of experiences that usually go beyond your typical itineraries. They are perfect escape routes for the entire family and are fun for people of all ages. They offer a whiff into the world of adventure, through an activity that the entirely family enjoy and participate in.

India’s varied landscape makes it a haven for soft adventure enthusiasts. The vast arid deserts of Rajasthan offer endless expanses for camel safaris while India’s rich national parks present a variety of jungle safaris and camping experiences that are full of luxury and comfort. The foothills of the Himalayas offer stunning snow-clad peaks while the vast plains present rolling meadows, both of which are ideal for walking. Moreover, you always have activities such as horse riding, zip lining, and skiing to choose from.

Mystic India presents a variety of soft adventure holidays which can be customised to the needs of your family. Each adventure promises endless experiences, magical encounters that you are sure to cherish through photographs and memories long after your journey.


Village Walk in the Kumaon Hills

12 days from £3435.00


Village walks in the Kumaon Hills. This has got to be my favourite location in India. Take an average 4-5

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