Kerala & South India Tours

Kerala and South India Tours. Pack away your watch and mobile phone away the moment you step foot into South India, for this tropical oasis functions at a different pace from the rest of the world. Time stops here and every moment spent is a moment closer to beautiful sceneries, enchanting lagoons, grand temples, exotic food and some of the most welcoming people on the planet. Home to India’s finest Ayurvedic centres, this is where you rediscover your love for natural treatments and holistic skincare.


Your first stop is sure to be enchanting Kerala, god’s own country, no less. This beautiful state is full of coconut lined beaches, stunning landscapes, sleepy lagoons and exotic birdlife, and the best ways to explore these wonders is in a private houseboat. To the north of Kerala lies Mysore, a stunning plateau known for its ancient ruins and sandalwood aromas. Karnataka hosts those popular untouched beaches you often read about while Tamil Nadu caters to travellers searching for greater insights into the Indian culture and Hindu temples.

Every step into South India is a journey on its own, for the region feel entirely unique. It has its own language, culture and traditions and it is among the best places to bask in the glow of love.



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