Tours in The Punjab & Amritsar

Tours in The Punjab, any trip is sure to be dominated by the mesmerising Golden Temple of Amritsar, but there’s so much more that India’s breadbasket has on offer. The Wagah Border, one of the most celebrated border regions between India and Pakistan, attracts visitors with its beautiful flag-lowering ceremony that takes place each day of the year just before sunset.


Kila Raipur, another popular attraction in the state, gained a reputation as host to the Rural Olympics, a must-see while visiting India in the month of February. This grand spectacle hosts all kinds of rural animals competing for the top prize in incredibly professional events that always leaves you with a grand adrenaline rush. It is just like the real Olympics, but with more drama and action!

As one of the oldest settlements of India, Punjab is also sure to give you great historical highs. The year 3000 BC saw Punjab’s first settlement, the Harappan civilisation, who fought and lost against the Aryans back in 1700 BC. Wars between ancient kings of the Mahabharata were held in Karnal. Mauryans conquered the land around 3rd century BC, and the Mughals also passed through the region on their way to Delhi. Each passing army left a mark on the city’s architecture, cuisine and culture, and this is why any trip to Punjab always presents a beautiful mix of Indian culture, one that has been forged by countless civilisations over the centuries.

A place that gave birth to the ‘patiala peg’ of whisky is sure to drown you in its drunkenness, but don’t lose sight of what you are here for! Patiala is one of the best places to get insights into Punjab’s glorious past. Mesmerising parks and palaces dominate your view while opulent parks and incredible art galleries ensure that you always have enough things to see and do. Moreover, if you are here for the culture, a trip to the beautiful village of Anandpur Sahib is a must. Popularly called the Holy City of Bliss, the village is dominated by serene gurudwaras and is one of the top destinations to visit during Baisakhi when the entire region gets engulfed by beautiful carnival-like celebrations.


Shimla Toy Train & Wildflower Hall

12 days from £2974.00


The 100-year-old Heritage Shimla Toy Train covers 96kms crossing 103 tunnels and more than 800 gothic styled bridges and viaducts. The whole path is flanked by cedar and pine trees on both sides. The entire route is also


Le Corbusier, Foothills & Golden Temple

14 days from £2718.00


From the buzz and boisterous energy of Delhi to the orderly layout of Chandigarh, from the natural splendor of the Himalayan foothills to the evocative sight of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, this tour of North India is big on diverse ex


Himalayan Foothills Amritsar to Shimla

14 days from £2912.00


Our Himalayan Foothills Tour features The Golden Temple, Dharamsala and Shimla, travels via Amritsar to Dharamsala, through the Kangra Valley to Shimla If you’re looking for a travel experience that has all the quintess

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