Walking Tours & Trekking in India

Walking Tours & Trekking in India. Walking along the foothills of the Himalayas uncovering awe-inspiring scenery and humbling sights is too good an experience to pass on. India’s walking tours take you through dense jungles, beautiful ridges, and deep valleys to introduce you to the best of nature in remote places where she has been allowed to run free with little or no interference from man. Discover something new at every step and keep your eyes peeled for the eagle spreading its wings for flight or the odd wild animal, for both sightings are equally likely.


Walking tours in India also include trips to remote villages, hidden oases that have held onto their traditional ways of life and ancient beliefs for centuries. Time seems to stop here as you dive into the beauty and mystery of rural India, discovering some of the simplest and most beautiful traditions in the process.

To add more excitement to your Indian holiday, take a second look at trekking in India. Unlike walking tours, treks are more exciting, more than capable of giving you an adrenaline rush, without pushing you through the dangers associated with adventure sports. As one of the few countries that host the mighty Himalayas, India always manages to offer the ideal trek for your itinerary. Its mountain passes and trails are brimming with natural beauty and incredible scenery, and the presence of world-class instructors and guides makes trekking even easier.

Mt. Everest always steals the limelight, but this 4000 km stretch hosts every sight you could imagine – right from the deepest gorges to the highest of mountains coupled with one of the greatest biodiversity scenes on the planet. India has trails that cater to newbies as well as seasoned pros, so you can always expect a unique adventure while trekking in India.


Village Walk in the Kumaon Hills

12 days from £3435.00


Village walks in the Kumaon Hills. This has got to be my favourite location in India. Take an average 4-5

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