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The Hill Fort Kesroli is a unique heritage hotel in Alwar that dates back to the 14th century! The seven turreted Hill Fort-Kesroli is one of India’s oldest buildings you can stay in! Located atop a hill amidst a charming village, the Fort offers commanding views of surrounding hills and the fields with hues of greens yellows and browns.

The inner garden offers you seclusion without external disturbances to allow you to meditate, relax and read. In the winter months, the fort sits among fog and smoke from the village hearths, lifting its dark ramparts on a white cloud.

Some of the room styles at the unique Hill Fort Kesroli

Mubarak Mahal: The Palace for Felicitations is a circular turret suite situated on the garden level of the Hill-Fort.

Nirmal Mahal: The Palace of Purity is a medieval suite situated on the first floor level of the Fort.

Hindola Mahal: The Palace of the Swing, with interiors in vibrant shades of blue, is situated on the first floor level towards the front of the Hill-Fort.

Rajhans Mahal: Lying at a level below the pool waters, this room is named after the royal swan. It has a balcony overlooking the green fields.

Maan Burj: This semi-circular room is named after Maan Kanwar, the wife of Thakur Narendra Singh. A quiet retreat located in a large turret, it faces east, towards the rising sun, the fort and the village.

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