Tree Houses in India

Romancing in a tree house has always been one of the most exciting ways of spending some time with your loved ones. Tree houses have a way of transporting us back to a world where time seemed to stop, a moment when the only things that mattered were catching fireflies and splashing in puddles, leaving us with twinkling eyes and love-struck feelings. Staying in a treehouse lets you experience the thrill of nature from up close. You’re often surrounded by vast valleys, beautiful hills, stunning jungles and all kinds of animals.


You have chirping birds for next-door neighbors and lush green leaves as daily visitors. Treehouse adventures can be found in most parts of India. They say that staying in a tree house is a must while in Kerala, for the heavenly beauty simply makes your experience even more fantastical. But you don’t have to venture down south just for a tree house experience. You can also find these oases of peace and serenity in the dense jungles of Madhya Pradesh, close to the chaotic scenes of Mumbai, and even between those forts and palaces of Rajasthan.

Outside the regular travel destinations and the normal hotels, these tree houses might be exactly what you need to get closer to nature and spend some time away from your smartphones and the rest of the world.


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