Houseboats in India

Houseboats in India, think of houseboats as your very own mellow, laid-back floating paradise which let you reach parts of India that cannot be accessed by land. Part boat part hotel, no trip to India will ever feel complete without experiencing those beautiful houseboats, exploring serene streams, canals, backwaters and other interconnected bodies of water.


The glistening lakes of Kashmir are known to offer some of the top houseboat experiences in the country, but what steals the limelight are thatched roof floats that sail past the sleepy backwaters of Kerala, introducing you to a breath-taking ecosystem where you only have swaying palms, chirping birds and endless vistas for company. Drift along sleepy villages, explore cultures and traditions that have remained unchanged for years, enjoy finger-licking meals and fall in love with some of the most beautiful sights you’ll ever see.

Moreover, getting closer to nature does not mean that you must sacrifice on comfort! Most houseboats are eco-friendly, airy, bright and incredibly romantic. The cabins are incredibly spacious, and the top ones also offer air-conditioning and all possible amenities you would want in the midst of nowhere.


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