Discover Western Bhutan - Paro & Tigers Nest

Discover Western Bhutan, Paro and Tigers Nest. West Bhutan is home to the capital Thimphu, the Paro Valley where you can hike to Tigers Nest. Your first glimpse of this beautiful country is the beautiful Paro valley, the star attraction of Bhutan. This fertile valley thrives under the shadow of the highest peak in the country and presents countless sights and attractions that leave you speechless. Just beyond the valley lies the most popular man-made spectacle of the country, the Tiger’s Nest Monastery. Ranking among the most sacred pilgrimage sites, this monastery is located on the cliff face at the height of 3000 meters and can only be reached by a challenging hike through the mountainside.


Back in the city, the Paro Museum is the perfect place to understand Bhutan’s history and culture. The local food, the lack of modern excess and the absence of fast-paced lifestyles all play a part in making you fall for the country and its beautiful culture. Try to visit Bhutan between the months of October to March, for this is when those black-necked birds make their annual journey and congregate in the Phobjikha Valley. The country celebrates their arrival with the colorful Black-Necked Crane Festival, a spectacle worth watching.

For an entirely new experience, visit Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. Steeped in history, Thimpu’s alleys and streets are cultural jewels, allowing you to jump into the wonders of an ancient culture, see its Shamanic rituals, watch folk dances and enjoy the stunning beauty of rare Himalayan blooms. Thimpu also hosts many of the country’s wellness and meditation facilities, luxurious havens that have gained popularity all around the world for their mental and spiritual healing courses.


Highlights of Bhutan

9 days from £3021.00


This tour gives you the Essence of Bhutan, our 5 day tour in Bhutan will give you a great introduction to this magical Mountain Kingdom when time really is of the essence. There is so much about Bhutan that remains undiscovered in the first visit; an easy self-made excuse to keep coming here again and again!! 


Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon

17 days from £4921.00


Bhutan itinerary for 12 days takes in all the major highlights. Once steeped in isolation, Bhutan is an ancient kingdom tucked away in the Himalayas. With its unique customs and people, it is both a mysterious and deeply spiritual land. During this 14-day tour, you'll visit many of Bhutan's most stunning temples and soak in all its beauty - from the peopl


Introduction to Bhutan

12 Days from £3051.00


Bhutan is not just about visiting the showcased points or places; it is a land that gradually expects the traveller to interact and become part of the life that is in Bhutan. The Bhutanese culture well preserved and fiercely guarded. It is liberal but religious which is the main reason why tourism is not allowed to ride the economy overwhelmingly. Each tourist, therefore, get

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