Discover India & Beyond

Discover India & Beyond. Tours combining North and South India, Eastern and Central India, Himalayan foothills and Kerala or Goa, the combinations are endless. When you then consider tours that take in India and its adjoining countries of Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka, you may need help in making a decision. Beautiful but complex, India is a country riddled with mystery, an experience to be savoured. It is infectious energy pulsates throughout your journey, soul-stirring landscapes redefining how you look at magic.


Contemporary India often ends up changing the way you travel, its spirituality and culture coming together to paint a colourful narrative of a rich history and beautiful legacy. India has enough diversity to keep you busy for months at a stretch, but we often urge you to combine your holidays to include other countries in the Indian subcontinent, taking your adventures to the next level.

Sri Lanka’s ancient ruins, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and natural beauty ensure that it ends up being one of the highlights of your journey. Its safaris rank among the very best in the Indian subcontinent, and those palm-fringed beaches help bring out the perfect tan. To add some adventure into your holidays, head over to Nepal, one of the greatest adventure destinations on the planet. This mountain kingdom resonates with culture and its spirituality often leaves you speechless. Bhutan is an entirely different experience altogether. Nestled in the Himalayas, this ancient land offers an excess of natural beauty. Snow-capped mountain peaks and deep forests stretch for as far as you can see while the traditional approach to life reminds you of how beautiful the world truly is. You are sure to feel at peace here, for this is as close as you get to the fabled Shangri-La in real life!

Mystic India tours combine Indian holidays with countries such as Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal, which can always be customised and re-designed to suit your personal preferences and budgets. Each holiday focuses on the best of history and culture of the region, presenting attractions that simply cannot be found in your guide books.



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