Just to say thank you for providing such a lovely tour…..Well balanced and well-chosen accommodation and very professional.

We loved the accommodation in the forts…especially the tent at Ramathra Fort in Karauli..very exciting and such a wonderful location could have stayed longer…the views from the fort were wonderful….the village tour was humbling…and the school visit a delight. Also, the heritage hotels all came up to and exceeded our expectations.

We have met so many delightful people along the way…..the staff at all the hotels….the times we had our photograph taken by locals….their interaction…and all the children who waved… our dancing in the temple..its what this kind of tour is all about. This where an individual tour is so successful, Bharatpur was wonderful, so unexpected to go by trishaw with the guide.

And of course the final icing on the cake….the tiger reserve tour at Ranthambore….as on our second time out we managed to see and track the tiger…wow….lasted about 30 minutes..absolutely overwhelming.
Thanks to our guides.

The driver…Nippon was well experienced, and we always felt safe, he was always pleasantly engaging but always professional. The snacks were such a good idea.

We will, of course, be back for our 6th tour of India next year. Your company has come out tops.


My friends and I had a really wonderful time. Thank you so much for making sure we did, and for the suggestions on both the itinerary and places to stay, everything was impeccable really well thought through. The drivers and tour guides were really nice and accommodated everything we wanted to do. They gave us some local insights and would stop every time we wanted to see something on the way. Also, the India books you left for us came in really handy when we were travelling. I would definitely recommend you and Mystic India to anyone who wants to go to India, especially first-timers like myself. It makes all the difference when somebody who knows the place inside and out is doing the organising. I just wish the trip could have been longer…we enjoyed it so much! Thank you!

Hi Sharon – Now that we are home and have had a chance to make the transition from exotic India to wintry England, I wanted to say thank you so much, Sharon, for arranging our Indian adventure. We all had such an amazing time, and this was very largely due to the arrangements made by you to ensure that we were always looked after and pampered.  We met a lot of lovely people on the way, and our guides and drivers were always enthusiastic and helpful. We made some good friends for sure.
And we saw England win a match against India at Eden Gardens! What an experience (and a rarity, unfortunately!!). I shall never forget the experience. The colour, noise, chaos, fun, friendliness of the Indians and the sheer joy of entering a completely strange culture and loving every minute. Thank you so much.
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