Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu – Palais de Mahe

At a Glance

A stay at Palace de Mahe is relaxation like they don’t make it anymore. The soaring colonnades of the hotel are reminiscent of the high French Colonial period. The cheery yellow-and-white plastering is a recurring theme in many of Pondicherry’s public buildings. Massive doors open into high-ceilinged rooms. Planters and lounge chairs complete the picture.

A short, extremely pleasant walk due North would bring you to the city’s main square (pictured), surrounded by fine public buildings and gardens. Head west about the same distance, and you’ll find yourself on Mission Street, the bustling shopping district.

Best of all, Palais de Mahe is just footsteps away from the famed Promenade, far enough to keep the noise at bay, near enough to stroll over in flip-flops.

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