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At a Glance

Khem Villas is established on land that Goverdhan purchased in 1989 and converted into a wilderness area planting indigenous trees and creating open grasslands and small water bodies, spread over an area of 10 acres it has become a habitat in itself.

The accommodation is divided into three categories and designed by Pritam, Rachel, Goverdhan and Usha keeping in mind that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication; therefore everything has been sourced locally using local materials. Khem Villas – The Camp is designed to provide an authentic experience that is unfussy yet functional.

It is common to see jackals, jungle cats, hyenas, desert fox, hares, etc. within the camp grasslands. As it is close to the park, one can sometimes see pug-marks of leopards, tiger, and bears that have passed by and sometimes if one is lucky one may even get to see them near the camp. The different habitats within the property have created a bird watchers paradise.

Guests view all kinds of birds from the flocks of White Throats among the grasslands to the Sparrowhawks hovering in the sky, the Black Winged Kites in the trees and the Moore Hen near the water hole. The peace and tranquility offered at camp is unlike that of any other place in Ranthambore.

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