Camping Maharaja Style

Luxury Tents India. Relive the magic of a traditional royal safari and enjoy the best of nature through these maharajas style tents. Beautiful luxury tents come together to bring back memories of the early 1900s, leaving you with the best of luxuries that heighten the pleasure of embarking on a camping holiday. India hosts a fascinating array of Maharaja style camps which bring you closer to the best of nature without taking you away from a heightened sense of pampering and style.


These luxury tents have become one of the hottest ways of discovering India at its mesmerizing best. Popular amid those seeking the good life, they let you live like celebrities, experiencing a fantastic selection of services and amenities that would put many 5-star hotels to shame. Camping Maharaja style is something that attracts both honeymooners as well as those wanting to enjoy a peaceful getaway, for these tours combine the very best of luxury and nature to offer a glamorous way of spending time amid natural beauty, without having to leave the comforts of the modern world.

Listen to waves lapping around you as you sleep. Look at fireflies in the night sky without ever getting drenched in an unexpected shower. Enjoy the tastiest dishes in the middle of nowhere. Walk like you own the place, enjoying the chirping of birds, feast like a king without ever having to hunt for breakfast. After all, any tour that satiated the regal lifestyles of the Maharajas of India is sure to envelop you in the best of glamor and luxury.

India is full of Maharaja style camping adventures and opportunities. From great camps that look like a still from one of those Arabian Nights movies to incredible adventures by untouched beaches that immediately transport you to a dreamy wonderland, India is sure to give you a wide range of options when it comes to camping Maharaja style in the most beautiful and untouched surroundings.


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