Camping Maharaja Style & Tree Houses

Unusual accommodation India. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, something different from the traditional hotel, something which helps you get away from the world and get closer to nature, you’re sure to fall in love with the Maharaja style tents or tree houses that India has on offer.


We’ve often dreamt of living in the midst of nature, living Tarzan-like lives, spending time watching animals and listening to birds sing. We’ve often felt the need to get closer to nature, a deep-rooted desire to venture away from technology. We long for that camping adventure but often end up looking the other way due to all those hardships involved. After all, no one wants to be woken up with creepy crawlies in their bed, mud on their feet and the summer sun in their skin.

And that’s where India’s tree houses and royal camping adventures come into the picture. India is famous its hidden jewels, pockets that take you away from the chaos and crowds of the cities and leave you in the lap of nature, where the only ones to keep you company are the birds and animals around you. But you can find this in most countries you visit. What makes India so special is that it adds that touch of regal splendor, a sense of luxury, the sheer feeling of living like a maharaja!



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