Special Places to Stay in India

Special places to stay India, this could be one of the many choices like an ultimate Luxury Hotel or it could be a Homestay in India, perhaps a small Boutique Hotel that offers private villas, the choice is yours, and here we give you some ideas to contemplate. Chic, Boutique, and Unique each of these places to stay promise to enhance your incredibly memorable journey in India. They offer you the best of elegance and comfort. Located across India, these are well adept at the art of beguiling guests; it may be pampering or and insight into the history, culture, and food from that particular region. To spend your Indian holiday in style, choose any one of the following Luxury Hotels – Homestays – Boutique Hotels – Private Villas


Staying in 5-star properties and getting pampered is an exciting way to spend your holiday and a lovely treat during your tour. On the other hand staying with an Indian family offers you a unique insight into the way people live their daily lives, learn more about their culture and customs as you live and dine with local families, finding more about their beliefs and traditions, enjoying a microscopic view into the country’s everyday life.

We suggest various accommodation concepts into your itinerary, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds, making a world of difference to your great Indian adventure.



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