Rural & Wilderness Escapes

Hidden in small villages or amongst densest forests and mountain scenery are a number of rural and wilderness retreats that let you explore the wild and local communities without giving up on man-made luxuries. Many of these places have no cell reception and limited technology, and this means that you finally get to give those aching fingers and your social media profiles a rest.


Wilderness retreats in India promise to offer a truly distinct and memorable stay. From the majestic mountains of the north to the sleepy backwaters of the south, these retreats are excellent at pampering guests and presenting magical surroundings without compromising on their sense of style.

Waking up to songs sung by birds, spending time doing activities you haven’t tried out in decades, walking for miles without bothering about your mobile phones, exploring nature at its beautiful best, spending a moment of peace away from prying eyes in a country famous for its apparent lack of privacy – these are just some of the things in store for you in the wilderness retreats of India.


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