Heritage Hotels

Apart from regal palaces, India also converted many of her ancient Havelis and old forts into heritage hotels. Each of these properties has its own story to tell, showcasing various styles of architecture, helping you understand how complex the country truly is. It is fascinating to see elaborate designs and upholstered interiors in each of these hotels and discover how the rich once lived in India.


Rajasthan is home to some of the best heritage hotels in the country. The land of forts and palaces presents stunning architecture at every turn, and there is no better way of exploring the Indian culture than staying in one of the many heritage hotels such as the Gorbandh Palace, Fort Barli, Ranvas, Neemrana Fort Palace and the Nimaj Palace.

And even if a trip to Rajasthan isn’t on the cards, you can always come across heritage hotels in other parts of the country. Each region has its own say on heritage hotels. Kerala converted its traditional houses into heritage properties while places like Darjeeling and Munnar transformed old tea estate houses into hotels. They might not be as elaborate as the Royal Palaces of India but are as beautiful and mysterious as any other property in the country.


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