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Nepal Hotels, Bungalows & Lodges. Choose from all kinds of hotels while touring Nepal. These precious abodes offer a look into the country’s rich and glorious culture through their fascinating art displays, architecture, and cuisines. Start your adventure at Dwarika’s Hotel, Kathmandu. Nepal flourished as a civilization between the 12th and 18th centuries, and its artistic achievements were perfectly portrayed through Newari architecture. Dwarika’s Hotel combines splendor and opulence with a rich architectural legacy to present meticulously designed rooms which remind you of the royal suites once used by the Kings of Nepal in the 14th century.


Leave the chaotic scenes of Kathmandu behind as you proceed to the next part of your journey, the beautiful Shangri-La Village in Pokhara. This incredible property is everything you dreamt of while booking your adventure. Each room offers a magical view, and the architecture reminds you of traditional Nepal. Reflecting pools highlight the opulence of this Himalayan beauty and charming gardens offer peaceful retreats for the evening, guaranteeing magnificence.

Nepal’s national parks are also known to be brimming with wildlife and the best way to celebrate animal sightings is from the windows of authentic jungle resorts such as the Temple Tiger Green Jungle Resort or the Taj Safari Meghauli Serai, luxury accommodations that offer easy access to those single-horned Asiatic rhinos and Bengal tigers.

Nepal whips up hotels to suit every style, a pleasant stay for each budget. Book your Nepal hotels with us and get access to the very best hotels in the country, at never-before prices.


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