River Cruises Boats in India

Types River Cruise boats in India. Land-based holidays often leave you weary, the traffic and lack of privacy acting as barriers, preventing you from enjoying everything that this beautiful country has to offer. Leave the land behind as you embark on a life-changing journey which takes you to some of the most beautiful villages of the country, places that are simply not accessible by road, while introducing you to natural beauty and rural India at its eloquent best.


River cruises sound tiring and uncomfortable, but you are often engulfed in luxury and style in private houseboats that let you enjoy the best of comforts while letting you cruise along scenic waterways with chirping birds and magical sunsets for to keep you company. The Brahmaputra River is an ideal destination to start your river cruising adventure. Watch historic monuments and beautiful wildlife sanctuaries pass by as you dive into the heart of rural India, uncovering the tribal culture and traditions which never see the light of the day. You can also cruise along the Ganges, discover Mughal ruins, British-India relics and Buddhist monuments along the way.

For something more adventurous, choose a Hooghly river cruise to the Sunderbans. The dense mangrove forests offer magical views, and the region’s unique flora and fauna leave you spellbound with their beauty. This is one journey you will not forget in a hurry, for you are more likely to come across the Royal Bengal Tiger than a hoard of tourists or a fleet of tour buses.


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