Luxury Trains, River Cruises & Houseboats

Explore India in a unique way, by Luxury Train or a cruise or stay for a few days on your own private houseboat. If you’re looking to squeeze in as much as possible during your trip to India, without giving up on luxury or style, a luxury train tour is just for you. These romantic journeys let you travel the way the rajas and maharajas once used to, in coaches that were used by kings and royalty! The Golden Chariot journeys through Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka in a train that has its own gym and spa! For a tour of North India, there’s the Palace on Wheels, which takes guests to iconic cities such as Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaisalmer while passing through enchanting lakes and exotic wildlife sanctuaries.


For something less time-consuming, book a toy train tour of the 51-mile Darjeeling Railway, considered to be one of the greatest journeys on the planet. This incredible rail journey takes you through some of the most stunning mountainside sceneries passing the streets and markets of Darjeeling at a pace that lets you enjoy everything around you to its fullest.

For an entirely unique experience, head over to one of the many lakes and rivers of India. From the famed shikaras of Kashmir to the romantic houseboats of Kerala, India presents a dramatic array of river cruises and boating adventures. These vessels are ideal for exploring some of the remotest parts of the country, journeying along untouched lands and enjoying magical vistas.



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