India's Island Resorts

Yes, India has some hidden island gems, do you dream of lazy days with a good book, perhaps laying in a hammock by the water’s edge. Beautiful sunsets and equally early morning sunrises, then head to one of India’s island resorts. The Andamans & Nicobar Islands are situated out in the Bay of Bengal Closer to Burma than India. Then we have the Lakshadweep’s off the coast of Kerala in the Arabian Sea.


Lakshadweep Islands are one of the smallest Union Territories, these coral islands are one of the country’s newest tourist destinations and are becoming very popular with foreign tourists for the real ‘Robinson Crusoe’ experience. Crystal clear waters with coral to explore just of the shore.

Andaman Island & Havelock Island are lush green islands of the Andaman & Nicobar group, they have a colorful historical past, with strings of invasions by the French, Dutch, Japanese and British, raging wars between settlers and the native tribes.


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