Rural Nepal, Walks & Trekking

Trekking tours in Nepal, any place that boasts views of the dramatic Mt. Everest from its backyard is sure to be a haven for trekkers and adventure lovers. As home to the highest mountains of the planet, Nepal is not short in trekking adventures. It presents a variety of terrain, scenery and trails which suit people of all skill levels, and most tours organized in the country are safe and run by professionals, ensuring that you always have the perfect trekking adventure, one that is customized to your skills and interests.

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As a land of impressive landscapes and incredible treasures, Nepal never fails to excite you with its tours and adventures. Its slopes are brimming with mountainside flora and exotic animals. The remote villages have a culture that isn’t seen or felt anywhere else on the planet. The ancient way of life is a ready inspiration for those searching for enriching experiences. The natural beauty continually inspires you to reach the summit of your trekking experience.

Most trekking enthusiasts visiting Nepal choose between the Everest in the east and the Annapurna in the West. Everest is surely the more glamorous cousin, with its Sherpa culture, dramatic views, the iconic Mt. Everest and untouched sceneries, but both regions are known to be equally remarkable.


Rural Heartlands of Nepal

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Nepal beckons the adventure seeker, shopper, wildlife lover and photographer in you. The Himalayan nation’s appeal lies equally in its hard-working people who don’t have to work hard always to have a

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