Why visit India and her Subcontinent Countries


Why visit India – Indian and her surrounding subcontinent countries boasts one of the oldest, most complex and most fascinating civilisations in the world with a history stretching back 4000 years to the Indus Valley civilisation. Today the subcontinent comprises of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka with the remote mountainous countries of Tibet and Bhutan close by, the philosophies and religions that have evolved here offer the visitor an intriguing glimpse of this vast area’s impressive variety of history and culture.

Over the course of time, it has come to accommodate many different peoples, each with their own customs and traditions and all of them speaking their own languages. The different regions’ histories and languages have blended to create an atmosphere unique in Asia and a society with many varied faces. A visit to these enticing and colourful lands is not only an experience that will always be treasured but a source of inspiration and a challenge.

The Subcontinent pulsates with life. Everywhere people are walking, riding, running, sitting, talking, buying, selling, haggling or just being and its sheer wealth of culture, tradition, dazzling colour and ancient sites are what have attracted and captivated generation after generation of visitors. It is perhaps one of the most vibrant and contrasting lands that one can visit with harsh, barren deserts giving way to green, rolling hills: hot days becoming cool nights: remote, rural areas juxtaposed with large, bustling cities. It holds many wonders besides the Taj Mahal; the magnificence of Islamic architecture, massive forts, marbled palaces, the mighty peaks of the Himalaya, countless miles of beaches and the ornate temples of many faiths.

Wildlife abounds in newly created sanctuaries, gentle memories of the Raj linger in the cool hill stations and above all the great tradition of uninhibited hospitality lives on in the Indian Subcontinent. Whatever your interest, India will be able to fulfil it; be it walking in the mountains, relaxing on beaches or exploring ancient sites. Wherever you roam in India you will be struck by the strong colours the sounds and its perfumes; all these scenes come together to create a mixture that makes up the extreme beauty of this mystical country, India, and her people will leave you with memories that will remain fresh in your mind for years to come.

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