Uttar Pradesh Arts & Crafts

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Uttar Pradesh is a large state not only in terms of population but in area too. The maximum areas of Uttar Pradesh were being directly ruled by many historical monarchs. The royal patronage on several crafts help Uttar Pradesh evolve in to an important centre of handicrafts.

The craft of zardozi or silver and gold embroidery was brought into India by Delhi’s Turko-Afghan sultans in the 12th century. Down the ages, the craft became equally popular with the wealthy Hindu, Muslim, and European classes.

Today several families in Varanasi, Agra, Lucknow, Rampur, Bareilly, and Farrukhabad, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, have revived this old craft to supply exquisite zari embroidered bridal outfits and salwar kameezes to boutiques round the country. But prices are considerably lower in Uttar Pradesh. Innovative designers have added functional bags, belts, caps, cushions, and wall hangings to their stock of ready to wear and custom made zardozi garments.

A lighter and flashier offshoot of traditional Indian zardozi finds its way to top fashion houses around the world. Uttar Pradesh’s capital, Lucknow, is closely associated with fine embroidery called chikankari. These cool summery shadow-work saris, kurtas, and veils have been in vogue in this city for hundreds of years. Prices vary according to the quality of material used, and the work done on it.

Table and household linen in white or pale pastel muslin, organdy and voile are also popular buys. The jewellers of this region specialize in making lightweight, hollow gold and silver ornaments, with emphasis on filigree and open work. So the huge jhumka earrings won’t hurt your ears, and the impressive gold bangles don’t cost a fortune!

Semi- precious stones, artificial pearls, glazed quartz, and glass are used to recreate elegant old designs, which can pass off as family heirlooms.

Text is taken from www.india-crafts.com please visit their website for more in depth information about the Arts & Crafts of India.

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